Static Caravan Insurance Explained – Plus 21 of the Best Companies

Static caravan insurance is a must. But where do you get cover and what’s included?

What details will you need to get a quote and how much will it cost?

For answers to this and tips to save you £££ along with a list of all the best static caravan insurance companies for both statics and lodges keep reading below.

What is static caravan insurance

Getting lodge or static caravan insurance is like getting home insurance. As with insurance for your main home, there are different cover types. But on the whole it will cover replacing your holiday home if it’s damaged along with the contents inside.

Most holiday parks will mandate you insure your holiday home. And they’ll often have an insurance company they partner with, who can offer a reduced quote. But it’s always worth comparing their offers with others on the market.

What do different types of static caravan insurance cover?

New for old replacement applies if your caravan or lodge gets damaged beyond repair. As well as the shell of the caravan or lodge, this also includes all permanent fixtures and fittings.

The policy will give you either a new holiday home or a similar value replacement model.

If your holiday home gets damaged beyond repair, then this will pay you only what the insurance company believes it’s currently worth.

If your home gets damaged beyond repair there will be costs in getting rid of, and resiting a replacement.

Re-siting cover takes care of this:

  • Removal of any debris
  • Re-installing utilities
  • Any new park fees

You will have cover for permanent fixtures and fittings via your replacement policy. But this does not include removable items.

Items such as:

  • Tvs
  • Cooking appliances
  • Non-permanent furniture like ornaments or
  • lamps
  • Bedding
  • Crockery

Standard policies may exclude damage caused by storms. In which case you can choose a specific storm cover. This will often include items on your pitch such as veranda and decking or outside furniture.

Storm damage usually does not cover frost damage.

Depending on the location of the park, your standard policy may not include flood damage. In which case adding flood cover may increase your premium.

Some providers will also stipulate you have to have items like flotation devices.

Winter protection covers you against damage that’s caused by freezing or frost.

The policy will be invalid if you haven’t winterised your holiday home, so it still needs draining down.

If you lose your keys (or they get stolen), you’ll need to pay for replacement of your caravan’s external locks.

Key and lock cover will include you for these bills.

Normal cover will not include if you are renting or lending your static caravan or lodge to others.

Letting insurance provides cover when rented against accidental damage, theft or malicious damage.

What is not included in caravan insurance?

The following types of costs are not covered by static caravan insurance:

  • Everyday wear and tear damage
  • Damage caused by insects or vermin
  • Mildew damage
  • Storage at a non-approved location
  • Loss or damage due to lack of security, like leaving doors or windows open or unlocked

Key things which will affect the insurance cost are:

    • Will it be only for use by you and your family?
    • Will you rent it out to people you don’t know?
    • Do you need cover for things like decking
    • How big is the caravan or lodge
    • How much is it worth
    • Will you choose a policy based on market value or new for old
    • Does your holiday home have any safety features such as an alarm

How much does caravan insurance cost

As a rough guide, to insure a static caravan will usually be around £150 – £400 per year, depending on purchase price. Whereas insurance on a luxury lodge will be more like £550 – £700 per year.

Insurance is not the only cost

Make sure you understand all other static caravan costs​

What do I need to get a quote?

  • Your personal details
  • Caravan details
    • Make and model
    • Year of manufacture
    • Length and width in metres
    • Number of bedrooms
  • Type of use
  • Security details
  • Holiday park details
    • Name
    • Location
    • Number of caravans on the park

Static caravan insurance tips

Make sure you account for the full price of all the contents in your holiday home.

There are several online contents calculators you can use, such as:

Your insurer will ask you to estimate the contents value. But with many policies you need to list expensive items which are over £1,000.

  • This can include items like:
  • Laptops
  • Jewellery

If they are not listed, you may not even have cover for some lower priced items like:

  • Mobile phones
  • Ipads
  • Cameras

So after buying something expensive always check your policy to make sure it’s covered. Then file away the receipts.

If you haven’t got the receipts then a bank statement or credit card bill will do. If you don’t have receipts or bills then take photos of the items.

As with all other insurance policies, static caravan insurance creep up with auto renewal.

Make a note in your phone’s calendar with a reminder a few weeks before your policy is due to renew. Then arm yourself with a few new quotes.

Even if you don’t want to change providers, once you have quotes from others you’re in control. Your existing provider will often match or beat the best quote you have.

Choosing monthly insurance payments means you’re borrowing the money from the insurance company. This comes with a very high interest rate.

If you’ve got the money then pay in full. If you don’t have the full money available then use a 0% credit card to pay in full.

Best static caravan insurance companies

Here’s a list of all the best static caravan insurance companies.